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Monday, March 5, 2012

Part 4 & 5 - Star Princess around Cape Horn

Continuation of Cruise Log (see earlier post)

 Part 4
On Tuesday we arrived in Punta Arenas, Chile, our first stop of three in Chile.  We tendered into town after breakfast.  We walked around and took pictures.  We came upon Plaza Munoz Gamero, where there is a big bronze statue of Magellan, who was the first European to disembark the shores of Chile.  The plaza was tree lined and local music filled the air.  Lots of fun shopping.  We came back to the ship ate a quick lunch then watched a movie outside in the nice warm sun. 

Today was a sea day and we are cruising the Skua Glacier, Amalia Fjord, a tidewater glacier located in Bernardo O'Higgins National Park in Chile.  We will head back out into the pacific ocean tonight and cruise up the coast of Chile.  We have had just perfect weather----cool and sunny mostly in the 50"s people still sunning themselves on the protected deck with the sun beating down on them.  We never imagined how beautiful this area would be, and we are lucky we have had these two slow scenic cruise days.  We could really bore you with all the pictures we have taken.  Plus we have bought the cruise DVD also, so even more pictures.!!!!!!!!  As I am sending this we are back in the Pacific Ocean and we are getting a nice and rock and roll cruise for the next few hours, should put me to sleep easily.

Part 5
Today was a LONG DAY we were up early about 5 AM as the cruise ship arrived in the port of Valparaiso, a very large port city.  We headed out for our tour at 7 AM and didn't return until 6 PM.  We drove from Valparaiso to Santiago Chile (the capital of Chile) with many short stops with lots to view.  We had lunch way up a long hill in a huge park in Santiago with a great view of the city.  We had salmon, rice, wine and dessert.  We are having a relaxing night, today this evening.  About 1,700 people got off the cruise ship today and we have 1,700 new friends to get to know.

Hope all is well with all of you back home.   Forgot to tell you that the 80-90 degree weather has returned, so it's great!!!