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Friday, February 24, 2012

Cruise Feedback: Star Princess in South America

Part 1
Well, here we are cruising on our way to Montevideo, Uruguay after leaving Rio.  The journey to Rio was long, but it could have been much worse, both flights were smooth and ahead of schedule.  Customs went quick and easy, transport to hotel was as quick as it could be with all the traffic.  Our rooms were ready for us and it was before noon.  We didn't wander to far, but walked the beach area and local neighborhood, looking for tee shirts for the guys, (Fran and Bill).  We went the wrong way, but found them within two blocks the next morning.  On Friday afternoon we went on a tour to Christ the Redeemer, what a sight.  One of the 7 wonders of the world. 

Getting on the Star Princess was long but once we had our keys, three of our four bags were waiting for us in our cabin.  We are all unpacked and ready for the next 2 days at sea. Didn't go down to the computer lab last night so this is  actually  our first day at sea and we have enjoyed meeting many new friends, swimming and laying in the sun, a formal night for dinner and great show of music from the UK since the 60's.

Part 2

We had a second sea day and enjoyed a variety of activities.  Bill took part in a golf chipping competition into one of the pools.  I read and enjoyed the sun..  We both watched a ice carving demonstration, AMAZING!!  Went to a great show after dinner called Los Gauchos, part comedy and part Argentina bolo show.  Then went to a Latin Festival with all Latin style music.

On our 4th day we arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay and since we didn't have a tour until the afternoon, we went off ship and walked around an older part of the city, many roads were not for cars to drive on.  Lots of old architecture and also many rundown buildings.  We were glad we went for this walk, because in the afternoon, we took a tour of the city and it was like being in two different worlds, the old and the new more modern.   Tonight, after dinner we saw a show with the singer Jamila, who traveled with the Supremes, in the 60's.  Still had a great voice even with a throat infection!  After this we got a latte and went out to the Ultimate Deck Party for about an hour, before we called it a night, as we have an early morning arrival into Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

On Wednesday we were up early and out to the bus at 7:45, where we drove out into the country to visit a Estancia (ranch).  You could look around and see demonstrations of how the gaucho"s worked and played.  They cooked us a wonderful barbeque or asado.  The food was plentiful and very good, served with all the wine, beer or soft drinks you wanted.  We drove back in Buenos Aires to visit the Recoleta Cemetery.  The cemetery contains 6,400 diverse mausoleums  including the crypt of legendary Eva "Evita" Peron.  After we arrived back to the ship we just relaxed and enjoyed the sail away.  Buenos Aires is very much like Seattle. 

The next two days are sea days and we will also be cooling down in temperature, as been between 82 and 92, but we are heading for between 40 to 50 something.  Hope the rain stays away!!

Bill and Penny