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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Wave Season starts now!

In the cruise industry, Wave Season is the three months of the year when Cruise Lines offer their best prices for the coming year.  Some industry experts report that 50% (or more) of cruise booking happen in this three-month window.

The season equates to Black Friday and the shopping season between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Wave Season runs from early January until the end of March.  Some cruise lines may extend the price breaks into April.  However, January to March is when you can find better prices for most cruises.  Many time, the cruise lines will add other incentives to the cruise package: free gratuities, a drink package, or on-board credit.

Several clients have asked why the Wave Season is such a big deal in the industry.  The answer: this is when housebound customers are tired of winter.   Thanksgiving is long over; Christmas season is past, it’s cold, and we still have several months of winter ahead.  People like to think of warmer weather and start their planning for their next vacation.

Early next week, we expect to advertise the specials being offered by many of the Cruise Lines.  Check our website or call our office for information.  We work will all the major cruise lines that serve the North American market. 

 If you are looking for a cruise, call a travel agent.  Sure, you can book the cruise yourself, but most travel agents don’t charge for their consulting services – they are paid by the cruise lines.  Why not use an expert to plan your next vacation?  If you don’t have a travel agent, give us an opportunity to win your business.

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