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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Part 7 - Star Princess around Cape Horn

Part 7A

Well, sorry for the delay in sending out any emails or answering any questions, but we have been without internet service, as we wait for a part to repair the service.  So which port we would get this part was an unknown!!  Got fixed, but has been very slow, so this is the first day I have been able to get on.

Well, on March 7th was another interesting day of our travels.  We were to arrive in Callao the port of Lima Peru at around 6 AM.  We had both heard fog horns all through the night, and we were forced to anchor 3 miles out of port because of heavy fog.  We were to leave on our tour around 7:30 in the morning, we had the first spot to get into port, but were unable to get in until 12:00-12:30 and got clearance around 1 PM.

We got off to go on our tour, but they finally told us the where the tour would go, because of a short time left. We got off the tour but with most of the people because it just wasn't worth the money they were going to charge us.  We should get our money back for that tour.  

to be continued

Part 7B

They had a good shopping market at the port and that is what we did and enjoyed some good entertainment from Peru, back on board the ship.  The fog didn't completely clear up until the cruise ship was leaving port.

Heard the fog horns again tonight, but woke to much clearer skies!  Today was a sea day, Bill went to the Sudoku challenge after breakfast, I went to a short lecture about our next port of call.  Then we met friends to play Pinochle.  Then there was crossing the Equator Ceremony really pretty silly but this was our 2nd crossing so not as much of a deal.

March 9th we arrived in the port city of Manta, Ecuador, we walked off the ship this morning on our own and went to the museum and the beach just walked around.  When we docked this morning they were emptying two container ships, one with flash frozen tuna, this area has one of the largest tuna processing facilities.  The other some kind of grain, it was 5 PM and they were still working on the grain.  We came back to the ship to take a tour at noon.  We went to several small towns around Manta and to a nut factory where they make some different types of things from the nut. 

Yesterday was another sea day, and today we arrived in Costa Rica, and tomorrow Nicaragua.  More later, if the computers keep working.....................