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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Part 3 - Star Princess around Cape Horn

Continuation of Cruise Log (see earlier post)

Part 3
Our 2 sea days were filled with a variety of activities.  From playing pinochle, watching movies in the big theater (moved inside as it is cooler outside).  A few interesting lectures on places we are going to be visiting.

We have so lucked out with great weather for both the Falkland Islands and cruising around Cape Horn on Sunday afternoon.  Saturday, when we arrived in Stanley on the Falkland Islands, we had no tour planned but we spent several hours walking the town and mailing post cards to ourselves as we forgot the address book, at home.  So will hand deliver as we see you upon our return home.!!!  Stanley has less than 2,000 people on the island, but with 2 ships in we tripled the amount of people to the island.  Very small but loved the laid back life style.

Sunday was a lazy day (except for playing cards and eating) until around 5 PM when we started cruising around Cape Horn.  Very cool out with a little rain.  Clouds hung over the cape so not the best picture taking weather, lots of bird life to watch.  Went to dinner and then watched a great production show of musical play songs.  We started watching the Academy Awards in the theater then moved to our room to watch until we fell asleep.  The Academy Awards didn't start until 10:30 in this time zone.

On Monday we were to arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina, but because we had been to the Falkland Islands, Argentina decided to not allow us into port, as they are in a disagreement with the government of the Falklands.  So we are having a slow cruise through Glacier Alley, which was to have been later between 6:30 to 8 PM so actually we will see much better, but will not see the town of Ushuaia.  Also just got the notice that our tour tomorrow to Otway Sound in Punta Arena, Chile (to see Penguins)  has been cancelled as there has been a sudden migration of the penguins.  Sorry Isabel no pictures from us, but have bought some from the photo staff on the cruise ship........

Today ended up being one of the best parts of the cruise, the glaciers were breath taking, many pictures to show all of you later.   Having a great trip with so many special people we have met.......................