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Monday, April 29, 2019

Theme Cruises Amp Up the Fun

Theme cruises offer an unbeatable combination: the fun, adventure and relaxation of a cruise with a chance to immerse yourself in a favorite hobby or interest. Sound like fun? Read on.

First, it’s important to know that theme cruises can be either full-ship or partial-ship. A full-ship theme cruise means everyone on board shares the same interest. On a partial-ship theme cruise, a sizable group of people interested in the theme will be on board. Some of the venues may be devoted to the group, but many passengers will not be involved in themed activities (though they may want to learn about your group).

Some of the most popular cruise themes revolve around food, wine and craft beer, but that’s just a slice of a very large theme-cruise pie. There’s an amazing variety of theme cruises. Here are a few that are coming up soon.

Runaway to Paradise with Jon Bon Jovi. Norwegian Cruise Lines’ partnership with Sixthman delivers theme cruises focused on music, including a four-day Mediterranean journey starring Jon Bon Jovi. The Norwegian Pearl will sail from Barcelona on August 20, meeting up with Jon at Palma, Majorca. He’ll come aboard for some Q&A and a memorable concert and there will other music throughout the cruise, too, from musicians like Johnny Rzeznik and Grace Potter.

Grand Prix and Cannes. This cruise takes in two events that will get your heart pumping: the Cannes Film Festival in France and the Monte Carlo Grand Prix auto race in Monaco. You’ll enjoy overnight stays in both Cannes and Monte Carlo, soaking up the star-studded atmosphere. This 11-day cruise on the Azamara Journey begins in Rome on May 18 and will take you to Sorrento, Corsica and Barcelona, too.

Cooking with Jacques Pepin. Oceania Cruises presents an opportunity to sail and refine your kitchen skills with master chef Jacques Pepin, Oceania’s executive culinary director. Enjoy special menus, lectures, culinary demonstrations and more on this annual cruise. This year, the Oceania Marina will depart on September 17 from Amsterdam, visiting castles and vineyards before sailing into Lisbon 12 days later.

Anita, professional travel advisor can help you find theme cruises for just about any interest – crafting, dancing, investing, wellness, LBGTQ lifestyles, nature photography, history, games, and so much more.

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