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Monday, July 16, 2018

Unique shore excursions for your next cruise

Shore excursions are a big part of what makes cruising such a special vacation experience. City tours, beach days, and drives to see natural wonders that lie inland are common, but some ports also offer excursions that are out of the ordinary. Here are a few:

Koper, Slovenia. If you love a bit of truffle oil on your french fries or pizza, you can learn how these rare “underground mushrooms” are found. Itineraries that call on Koper, Slovenia, may offer an excursion led by a local “truffle hunter” who will give you an inside look at how the delicacy is harvested. You can visit a local winery, too, and enjoy a lunch that features both truffles and wine.

Reykjavik, Iceland. This is a land of fire as well as ice, with active volcanos and bubbling geothermal features. You can take a volcano tour, which will provide the safety gear needed for trekking across steamy lava fields and exploring a lava-tube cave. After that, you may be ready for a dip in the geothermally heated water of the famed Blue Lagoon.

Honolulu, Hawaii. Sharks are both fearsome and fascinating. You can learn more about them – and encounter them face-to-face – on a Hawaiian cruise. Descend into the crystal-clear water three miles off Oahu's North Shore in a special safety cage; you don’t need diving experience, just the mask and snorkel that will be provided. Some of the 40 species of sharks that live around Hawaii will glide by to take a look at you, along with schools of tropical fish and perhaps a dolphin or two. If you have an underwater camera, bring it along!

Stockholm, Sweden. Get a drone’s-eye view of the city by hiking along the sloping rooftops of Riddarholmen, a small neighboring city. You’ll have everything you need to see Stockholm safely from several stories up, including a helmet and safety gear. The views of palaces and other historic architecture will have your head in the clouds.

Juneau, Alaska. Here, you can experience life as a sled dog musher. You’ll ride a helicopter to Norris Glacier to meet the dogs and tour their camp. It’s a hands-on experience: you’ll help brush, feed and harness the dogs before heading out over the snow-capped glacier.

For more about these and other shore excursions that will take you off the beaten path, talk with Anita, your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert.

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