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Monday, July 23, 2018

Bermuda Cruise Tips

Bermuda’s high repeat visitor rates prove that it’s a cruise destination that passengers fall in love with. The pink sand beaches and authentic Bermuda shorts help draw first-time visitors, but many return to re-experience this tiny nation’s unique vibe: a blend of sophisticated and simple.

On the sophisticated side, there’s afternoon English tea and high-end shopping in Hamilton, the island’s capital. Browse the stores along Front Street, Queen Street and Church Street for upscale clothing, jewelry, leather, linen and more. Explore the alleys, too, where boutiques and galleries sell items made from Bermuda cedar, banana-leaf dolls, and locally made glass and perfume.

Bermuda has more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the world, so you can have a memorable day on the links. There are beautiful art galleries and museums, too, including the Bermuda National Trust Museum and a number of older homes maintained as examples of Bermudian architecture through the centuries.

On the simple side, Bermuda has blue skies, pastel-hued houses, and those lovely pink sand beaches. The long stretch of sand along Horseshoe Bay is considered to be among the pinkest and most beautiful beaches in the world, but there are dozens of beaches to visit, ranging from tiny coves to popular snorkeling sites. Renting a scooter is a fun way to get around to different beaches and other sights. Just be sure to drive on the left side (Bermuda is a former British colony) and take care on the narrow, winding and scenic roads.

Bermuda cruise tips:

In general, Bermuda has a more formal (though unwritten) dress code than other islands you may have visited. Swimwear is welcome only at the beach, so be sure to change before you head into town or to the golf course. Tailored Bermuda shorts are appropriate in any setting.

Bermuda is farther north than many people realize; it’s about 650 miles east of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Some cruise itineraries visit Bermuda only, and others stop in Bermuda before sailing on to the Bahamas. Bermuda is a featured stop on some transatlantic repositioning cruises, too.

The main season for Bermuda is April through October. Much of this is hurricane season, too; although Bermuda’s location keeps it out of the path of most storms, it’s something to be aware of.

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