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Monday, November 19, 2012

Cruising the World

Cruise lines are seeing renewed interest in world cruises: the grand voyages of 80 nights or more that take passengers to amazing variety of ports on several continents. A world cruise is a truly special experience for retirees or anyone who is able to take an extended leave of absence to see the world. If you don’t fit in either of those categories, a world cruise is still something that you can dream about doing when the time is right.

Traditionally, world cruises depart in January and return in March, April or May. However, the window of departure dates is expanding – some world cruises are departing as late as March. And, some cruise lines are meeting demand by offering more than one world cruise a year.

Some world cruises don’t literally sail around the world, but they cover a plenty of nautical miles while visiting multiple continents. Some cruises truly do circumnavigate the globe, providing passengers with unforgettable experiences in dozens of ports of call.

If you don’t have time to take an entire world cruise, some cruise lines make it possible to purchase a segment of a world cruise: for example, an 17-night segment from Miami to Lima, Peru on Crystal Cruises’ 2013 world cruise. The availability of world cruise segments helps create a mix of established and new passengers: each time a new group comes on board, there are fresh opportunities to socialize and make new friends.

Many world cruises include planned overnight stays in some ports, giving passengers more opportunity to experience the local sights and culture. Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Hong Kong and Beijing are all popular places for world cruise ships to dock for a night or two.

World cruises also tend to seek out emerging ports, such as Laguna San Rafael (Chile) and Komodo Island (Indonesia). This gives even seasoned cruisers some new experiences.

Another trend in world cruising is “boomerang” cruising. A boomerang cruise takes passengers halfway through an extended itinerary on one ship, then makes the return trip on another. This gives passengers have the fun of experiencing two fabulous cruise ships. A boomerang cruise can also provide make it possible to spend a few days, weeks or even months in the halfway location before sailing home.

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