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I am proud to be certified by CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) as an Elite Cruise Counselor. The Cruise Counselor Certification Program is CLIA's most comprehensive training which requires agents to successfully complete a number of compulsory training courses and exams, attend cruise conferences, and conduct ship inspections. Anita Thompson, Attheta Travel, dba Cruise Holidays.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Connecting Thruough Social Media

One of the great things about working with travel professionals is that they are there for you before, during and after your vacation. They will help you select a cruise or tour, make your reservations, and provide advice and assistance with alternate arrangements if anything goes awry. After your vacation, they’ll want to hear about your experiences, which will help them advise other clients and serve you better on your next trip.

And, staying in touch with your travel professional before, during and after your vacation is getting easier. It wasn’t long ago that the only way to contact your travel agency was by old-fashioned land-line phone, or to take time from your day to stop in the agency’s office. Today, you can connect with your travel professional from just about anywhere, at any time, using a desk computer or a mobile device (studies show that 85 percent of international travelers use their smartphones while on vacation).

Social media applications such as Facebook have created even more new ways to connect. For example, the Cruise Holidays Facebook page, which represents Cruise Holidays professionals across North America has more than 50,000 fans. Many Cruise Holidays franchise owners across North America also have their own Facebook pages, where their fans/customers can connect with them, day or night.

For example, the next time you step off a cruise ship in a new port of call and wonder where to find a great lunch or the best local souvenirs, post a question on your travel professional’s Facebook page. Not only can your travel agent answer quickly, so can other customers who have been to that location.

Savvy travel professionals are using their Facebook pages to share great travel deals, offer prizes to customers who share their opinions through surveys, and share links to interesting travel articles. Cruise Holidays recently conducted a sweepstakes via its Facebook page in which one lucky fan won a fabulous cruise for two.

Some travel agencies get their customers involved in populating their Facebook pages, making them places for customers to post their favorite travel photos and videos (no need to wait until you return home), post reviews of cruise ships, or make recommendations about favorite destinations.

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