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Monday, March 4, 2024

River Cruise Highlights

When travelers begin to think about a cruise vacation, they often think about ocean cruises: big ships sailing across big expanses of water to beautiful ports of call. But, there’s another option for a cruise vacation – sailing on one of the storied rivers of the world. If you haven’t tried one yet, here’s a quick look at what to expect on a river cruise.

River ships are much smaller than ocean-going ships, which makes it a different kind of cruise experience. The ships are small because they must be able to glide under bridges, through shallow water, and into narrow docks. Ocean-going ships may carry thousands of passengers, but many river ships carry less than 200, providing more opportunities to get to know your fellow passengers.

River ships stay close to land. Part of the enjoyment of a river cruise is watching the scenery on shore, which can quickly change from farmland to bluffs or from small villages to urban centers. The narrow design of river ships means almost all cabins are exterior, with big windows or sliding glass doors.

While river water isn’t always perfectly smooth, the chances of motion sickness on a river cruise are much less than on an ocean cruise.

Many river cruises call on a different port each day; a full day on the water is rare. Shore activities may include walking tours, hiking, bike rides, cultural experiences, visits to museums and markets, and more.

River cruise dress codes tend to be relaxed and casual. The focus is always on what there is to see and do on shore, so what you wear to explore on land is fine on board, too. There may be one gala evening suited to more formal clothes, but dressing up is usually not required.

As for where to cruise, Europe provides a variety of itineraries on major rivers. Sail through multiple counties on the Rhine or Danube, or enjoy France by cruising the Seine or the Rhone. For an Italian voyage, look to the Po. To spend time in Portugal’s wine country, sail the Douro.

River cruise options in Asia include China’s Yangtze, Southeast Asia’s Mekong, and India’s Ganges. You can take an adventurous cruise of South America’s Amazon, or stay closer to home for a cruise on the Ohio, Mississippi, or Columbia.

To find out more about the many delights of and options for river cruising, talk with Anita, your professional travel advisor.

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