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Monday, September 25, 2023

Add These Items to Your Cruise Packing List

While most who plan to take a cruise think about the clothes they’ll pack, there are some other useful items that often don’t make it to the packing list, but should. Here are some things to think about bringing along:

Magnets with hooks. Most cabin walls are magnetic, so bring some magnets with hooks to create extra hanging space for clothes, swimsuits, jewelry, and more. Just be sure the magnets are strong enough to stay up.

Snack bag (or “chip”) clips. The clips designed to seal an open bag of snacks can also fasten a towel to a lounger in a stiff sea breeze. They can work as clothes pegs on the little clothesline you may find in your cabin’s shower, too.

Battery-operated candles. Real candles aren’t allowed, but battery-operated versions make great night lights and can create a cozy or romantic feeling.

Battery-operated mini fan. You’ll want to keep it small, but a mini fan can create a little white noise for better sleep, as well as a little breeze if you’re in a windowless cabin.

Over-the-door shoe organizer. Hang one of these on the inside of your cabin door to create storage space not only for shoes but for jewelry, phone chargers, papers, makeup, and more. Choose one that folds up neatly and doesn’t need much luggage space.

Reusable water bottle. Help cut down on single-use plastics by bringing your own reusable water bottle; try one that folds or rolls up for easy packing. Fill it out and take it along on your shore excursions, too.

Small, foldable tote bag. This comes in handy for carrying sunscreen, hats, books, keycards, and other necessities to the pool or on shore.

Extra pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses. If you have the bad luck to misplace or break yours, you won’t want to go without.

Sticky notes. A pad of sticky notes makes it easy to leave a question for your cabin steward.

Thank-you cards. When a crew member provides great service, a handwritten card of thanks is a nice touch.

Paper currency (in small bills). Even if you charge everything (including tips for the crew) to your cruise account, it’s helpful to have a little cash if you want to tip a tour guide, purchase a small souvenir on shore, or thank an especially helpful crew member.

Ask your professional travel advisor for more suggestions of helpful small items to pack for your next cruise.

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