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Monday, June 26, 2023

Healthy Eating on a Cruise

For some cruise fans, one of the most relaxing aspects of a cruise is the delicious food that’s always available – with no prep, cooking, or clean-up required on your part. But some wonder if the abundance of food will challenge their commitment to healthy eating. Fear not: it’s possible to eat well and healthfully throughout a cruise. Here are some simple strategies.

Don’t skip breakfast. Start each day with a meal that satisfies your hunger and gives you energy for an active day. Choices like a made-to-order omelet loaded with veggies, oatmeal with fruit, a tall green smoothie, or an acai bowl with granola can give you a tasty, nutritious start to the day.

At lunch or dinner, control portion size by ordering an appetizer in place of an entree. Choosing an appetizer or two as a main course is also a fun way to try some new tastes; avoidance of oversized entrees is just a side benefit. You can also ask for a half-portion of an entrée; cruise ship culinary staff are typically happy to accommodate such requests.

At any meal, ask your server for a side of steamed or roasted vegetables. They’ll help fill you up and provide plenty of nutrients.

Ask for sauces and dressings on the side. Delicious sauces can be high in fat or salt; when served on the side, you can add just a little to your dish.

If you visit the ship’s buffet, start with a big, leafy salad. The buffet is a quick and convenient dining option, but is often laden with foods – like pizzas, pasta, and desserts – you may want to avoid. If you’re still hungry post-salad, treat yourself to a taste of whatever dish tempts you most.

Drink lots of water. Staying well-hydrated while you cruise is good for you in many ways and can help you feel full enough to resist a stop at the ship’s ice cream parlor.

Limit alcohol intake. Alcoholic drinks can be as full of sugar and calories as a dessert. When you do choose to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, ask the bartender to recommend a lighter option – perhaps a hard seltzer, white wine, or vodka with club soda and lime.

Finally, remember that you’re on a wonderful cruise! Be sure to relax and eat slowly, savoring each bite and sip.

To learn more about dining options on today’s cruise ships – including spa restaurants – talk with Anita, your professional travel advisor.

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