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Monday, April 3, 2023

Our Trip to Antarctica

Elephant Island

In March, we returned from a 14-day cruise to Antarctica, round-trip Buenos Aires. Prior to booking our trip, we needed to decide on a “walk on the land” or a “cruise by” trip. After much consideration, we decided on the easier trip aboard the Celebrity Infinity.

We considered:

• Cost
• Embarkation/disembarkation port

• Large ship versus expedition (small) ship

• Zodiac raft to the shore

• Cold weather gear

• Drake Passage

• Cold weather and amount of time spent in Antarctica


The cost of the trip was a big driver in our decision, but I wasn’t that keen on spending several days going between the ship and the land in a Zodiac raft.  I wanted to see the penguins, but not spend a week with them.

 We were in Paradise Bay with one of the expedition ships and saw their passengers go ashore in Zodiac rafts. It didn’t look like fun to me.  Around Antarctica and the islands, the sea was fairly calm, but the weather was cold.


We had a wonderful time, but I don’t plan to return… The scenery was magnificent, but the weather was miserable. Going through the Drake Passage was a little rough, but it was manageable.  On many of our trips, we say, “we need to go back.” Not here, one and done. It was cold and the seas were rough.  Our Captain told the passengers that “we had an average trip: not the best and not the worst time going through the passage.”

 Would I recommend a cruise to Antarctica?  Yes!  You decide if you want an expedition ship for the cruise of a lifetime.

 Our next trip is to someplace warm: Africa.