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Monday, January 30, 2023

 A Wave of Great Cruise Deals

It’s Wave Season, the time of year when cruise lines offer amazing discounts on cruise fares and bundle multiple onboard perks into special offers. Simply put, Wave Season is a post-holiday season sale on cruises. It’s not the only time of year to get an excellent price on a wonderful cruise, but Wave Season deals are definitely some of the best of the year.

Wave Season is a cruise industry tradition, and it happens throughout the first quarter of the new year, from January to March. By presenting wave upon wave of attractive deals, cruise lines hope to secure as many cruise reservations as they can for the rest of 2023 and beyond.

How can you make the most of Wave Season?

First, do some research. A Wave Season deal is truly valuable only when it’s for a cruise you really want to take. Grabbing a deal when the destination doesn’t really interest you or the ship isn’t the best fit for you is a recipe for a lackluster vacation.

So, do some searching to figure out which cruise lines and itineraries appeal to you most; your professional travel advisor can help. Then, when you see a Wave Season deal that matches your top choices, you can grab it with confidence.

Second, look beyond fare discounts. Wave Season offers excellent fares – including some “two-for-one” or “kids sail free” deals – but be sure to look for discounted or complimentary onboard perks. These can range from beverage packages and shore excursions to multi-category cabin upgrades.

Onboard credits are another attractive offer. Depending on your cruise line and ship, you may be able to spend onboard credits on spa treatments, specialty dining packages, professional photos, Wi-Fi access, and more.

Sometimes, Wave Season deals include unusual and exceptional extras, such as free airfare to the ship or a pre-cruise hotel stay. These are more common among luxury cruise lines, and their inclusion in a Wave Season deal can make luxury cruising more affordable.

Finally, remember that you can find great cruise deals at other times of the year, too. If you don’t find a Wave Season offer that appeals to you or you simply can’t commit to a future cruise right now, don’t despair. Wave Season is when virtually every cruise line offers attractive deals, but you can find fare discounts and other special offers at any time of year, especially when you work with an experienced travel advisor.

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