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Monday, July 25, 2022

Open-Air Spaces to Enjoy on a Cruise

When choosing a ship for your next cruise, look for spaces where you can enjoy open sky and fresh air as you sail across the water. Some ships have especially appealing outdoor spaces; here are a few that we really like. 

 Celebrity Cruises Edge Class ships – the Edge, Apex and Beyond – have an incredible outdoor space called The Garden, decorated with beautiful live plants, metal sculptures, and comfortable seating. These ships also feature the Magic Carpet, a large, open-air platform off one side of the ship that moves up and down to serve different al fresco purposes. It can be a specialty restaurant, a music venue, an extension of the pool area or even an elegant way to disembark. 


Celebrity’s Solstice Class ships, first introduced in 2008, have an outdoor space that’s still unique in the cruise world. On the top deck, there’s a half-acre of real, growing grass, called the Lawn Club. Guests are welcome to remove their shoes, walk across the soft grass, and relax in a hammock, Adirondack chair or cabana. 


Onboard pools are often a good place to catch some fresh air and sun, but they don’t all have sea views. Holland America’s Sea View Pools, located at the rear (aft) of the ship, pools have a lovely view over the water. 


Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships feature Central Park, a lush garden that’s located in the middle of the ship, but open to the sky. Each park has thousands of full-size trees, shrubs and flowers, with winding pathways, benches, shops, and restaurants. With a little help from technology, the parks are also filled with the soothing sounds of chirping crickets and singing birds (real birds sometimes find their way to these green spaces, too). 


On Oceania Cruises’ Marina and Riviera, the spa’s thalassotherapy pool, along with hot tubs and chaise lounges, are on the open-air Aquamar Spa Terrace. Here, you can combine some soothing spa treatments with an inspiring sea view. 


Since it was introduced in 2004, Movies Under the Stars has become a signature feature on the ships of Princess Cruises. Passengers gather in these open-air, poolside amphitheaters to watch current films, sports events, and more. Programming runs all day, but in the evening the crew adds pillows and blankets to the poolside lounge chairs, then serves popcorn and special beverages. 


To find out more about fresh-air spaces on any cruise ship, talk with Anita, your professional travel advisor. 


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