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Monday, April 4, 2022

What Not to Bring on a Cruise Ship

It’s good to put some serious thought into what you should pack for your next cruise. It’s also important to remember there are things you should not even attempt to bring on a ship, even if you think of them as essential to your daily routine. Here’s a look at some of the things you must leave behind as you prepare to cruise. 


Perishable food. Delicious meals and snacks abound on cruise ships, but if you do want to bring a favorite food, be sure it’s packaged and non-perishable; homemade food and anything that requires refrigeration may not make it on board. 


Liquor. Many cruise lines allow guests to bring a bottle of wine or two, but any amount of hard liquor (or beer) is usually forbidden. Fortunately, cruise ships are well stocked with liquor of all sorts, as well as expert bartenders. 


Candles. Candles with wicks are not allowed due to the risk of fire (but small, battery-operated tea lights are usually okay). 


Small appliances. Small, plug-in appliances can be fire hazards, so you’ll need to leave your iron, clothes steamer, toaster, coffee maker, hot plate, slow cooker, air fryer, blender, and other gadgets at home. Many cruise lines make an exception for curling irons and hair straighteners (note that most cabin bathrooms are equipped with hairdryers). 


Power strips with surge protectors and extension cords. These are also banned as fire hazards; power strips may be permitted if they are not equipped with surge protectors. 


Weapons, and toys that look like weapons. Don’t bring any firearms or sharp blades; and leave realistic-looking toy guns, swords, spears, and knives at home, along with fireworks and drones. 

Sports equipment. Items like martial arts equipment, baseball bats, hockey sticks, roller and inline skates, skateboards, and pool cues won’t be allowed on board. 


Communications equipment. It’s fine to bring your mobile phone, but many ships prohibit items that could interfere with ship communications, such as ham radios, baby monitors, metal detectors, communication scanners, and satellite phones. 


If you do bring any prohibited items to the cruise ship dock, they are likely to be confiscated before you’re allowed to board. The items might be returned to you when you disembark at the end of your cruise, but it’s best to leave them safely at home. 


For more guidance on what to pack for your cruise and what you should leave behind, talk with Anita, your professional travel advisor.