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Monday, March 14, 2022

Photo Packages Preserve Cruise Memories

Equipped with the latest smartphone cameras or standalone digital cameras, lots of passengers love to take photos throughout their cruises. And in addition to your own photos, you can purchase photos taken by the photographers who are part of the crew on many cruise ships. 


Photos taken by a ship’s roaming photographers are very high quality. Not only do these skilled professionals understand light, color, composition, and the other elements of photography, they also understand the types of photos that delight cruise passengers and help preserve wonderful cruise memories. 


Even if you know how to take excellent photos, when part of your mind is on capturing “must have” photos, you could miss out on some of the fun and relaxation of your cruise. It can be helpful to let a ship’s photographer capture some of the joyous moments.  


You can preview the images captured by your ship’s photographer and select the ones you like best. Each cruise line manages this process a little differently. Some print photos daily and hang them in a walk-through gallery; some have electronic kiosks where you can browse through digital images; and some let you preview photos on your own phone, laptop, or other devices. 


If you’d like to go beyond candid shots and have some posed photos taken, you can make an appointment with a ship’s photographer for a more formal photo session. This is a wonderful way to capture individual, family, or group portraits, especially if you’re celebrating a wedding, graduation, birthday, reunion, or other special events. 


While you can individually purchase as many photos as you like while on board, consider buying a photo package that will let you select multiple photos at a significant discount from per-photo prices. Photo packages are especially budget-friendly when purchased in advance of a cruise. Some packages even include fun accessories, like physical or digital photo frames and photo albums. Ask your professional travel advisor to help you compare the cost of purchasing individual photos with a photo package on your next cruise.  


However, many photos you decide to purchase, you can usually receive them digitally, as 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 prints, or in both digital and printed formats.  


And finally, if you’re interested in photography, ship’s photographers may offer classes you can attend while the ship is at sea. It’s a great opportunity to learn from these professionals and leave the ship a better photographer than when you stepped on board. 


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