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Monday, November 22, 2021

Cruise Ship Crew Members to Know

There are many people who work hard to provide you with a great cruise experience; each cruise ship has hundreds or thousands of crew members who perform their duties with skill and dedication. Some interact with passengers every day, while others work behind the scenes to provide a high standard of service to guests. 


So, who are the most important crew members to know during your cruise? Here are our picks: 


Cabin Stewards. Cabin stewards make sure that your cabin is clean and fresh. They are happy to answer questions about your cabin and the ship. They can also fulfill many special requests, from shining your shoes before dinner to finding an extra pillow, and sometimes do these things even before you ask. 


Servers. Table and buffet servers are very knowledgeable about the dishes they serve, and they can answer your questions about ingredients and preparation. They will also relay any specific dietary needs and other special requests to the chefs in the galley. If you have the same servers for multiple meals, they are likely to remember your preferences. 


Bartenders. Cruise ship bartenders are trained to make your favorite drinks just the way you like them. As with food servers, bartenders who serve you more than once will often remember your favorites. 


Cruise Director. The cruise director is an officer of the ship and has a major responsibility: to organize and manage all activities and entertainment for the guests. The cruise director is often the most visible member of the crew, making announcements, introducing entertainers, and ensuring that passengers are enjoying themselves. Large ships usually have several deputy cruise directors you can speak with if you have questions or want recommendations about onboard activities or shore excursions. When you cruise on your own, a cruise director can help you meet other passengers. 


Guest Services Staff. The guest services desk, which is a lot like the front desk of a hotel, is managed by the purser, who is the chief financial officer for the ship. The guest services staff can answer questions about your shipboard account and provide other helpful services, like resetting your cabin entry code or exchanging currency. 


Medical Staff. No one wants to need medical services during a cruise, but it does happen. That’s why every cruise ship has an onboard medical facility staffed by professionals. They can help you with anything from a mild case of seasickness to a medical emergency, including transfer to an onshore facility when needed. 


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