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Monday, June 21, 2021

Décor for Your Cabin Door

Cruise ship design creates long hallways lined on each side with identical stateroom doors; you might find the visual consistency soothing, or you may feel the urge to do a little decorating that makes your door stand out. 


Stateroom doors are clearly numbered and carefully keyed, so there’s little chance that you would actually step into the wrong one. Still, decorating your door is a fun chance for some self-expression. Stateroom door décor often reflects a holiday or a special occasion being celebrated by the occupants, such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, or a reunion of family or friends.


However, before you make any door decorating plans or buy supplies, check out the guidelines for door decorations on your ship – your professional travel advisor can help. Some cruise lines ban door decorations completely, on the basis that they could pose a safety hazard or simply cause a mess. Other lines ask passengers to follow common-sense guidelines, like these: 

·         Decorations must not extend beyond the door frame into the hallway. 

·         Decorations must not damage or leave marks on the door. Don’t plan to use paint, glue, tape or gel adhesives, thumbtacks, or anything else that would leave residue, scratch the door or make a hole in it. Stateroom doors are usually made of metal, so you can often use magnets to hold decorations up (if the metal is covered with a veneer of wood or another material, you may need rather strong magnets). Easy-release adhesive strips or poster putty are sometimes acceptable, too. 

·         Decorations must be made of fire-retardant materials. 

·         Decorations cannot include string lights (which are generally not allowed in staterooms, either). 

·         Decorations must not be offensive, rude, or inappropriate in any way. 

Fun ideas for decorating include using wrapping paper and ribbon to make the whole door look like a big holiday, wedding, birthday, or graduation gift. Banners and cutout characters can let your neighbors know you’re celebrating a special event. Old family photos can be fun décor for a reunion. If you’re not celebrating a special event but simply want to dress up your door, cutouts of sea creatures or tropical flowers can help set a carefree cruise mood. 


Finally, be sure to completely remove your door decorations before you disembark at the end of the cruise. If you leave decorations in place or damage the door – even accidentally – you’ll make more work for your room steward and may have to pay a fine. 


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