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Monday, January 4, 2021

There are Reason Why These Destinations are Popular

As cruise lines make plans to restart operations, cruise fans are looking forward to sailing once again to their favorite destinations. If you haven’t made plans for your next cruise yet, consider one of these perennial favorites.

The Caribbean

The beautiful, blue waters of the Caribbean Sea are a year-round cruise destination. It’s close to home for many North Americans; Caribbean cruises sail from numerous ports along the Eastern Seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico. The diverse islands of the Caribbean range from flat to mountainous, and sandy white beaches, turquoise water, and coral reefs are common features. The Caribbean also has lots of history and culture – the legacies of indigenous peoples, Africans, and European colonists – that make shore excursions beyond the beaches quite interesting.


Alaska is rugged, and some of its most stunning scenery is actually best seen from a cruise ship. It’s smart to keep your camera ready to take photos at all times. There are misty forests, steep-walled fjords, majestic mountains and glaciers that glow with deep blue and green colors – not to mention the charming and colorful ports of call. You might also be lucky enough to photograph some incredible wildlife onshore, in the sea, or in the air, ranging from bald eagles and bears to orca and humpback whales. Many Alaskan cruises depart from Seattle or Vancouver.


Both of Mexico’s coastlines, along the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, are popular for cruising. Gulf of Mexico cruises visit the Yucatan Peninsula and the “Riviera Maya,” where port calls in Progreso, Cozumel, or Playa del Carmen provides time to enjoy the beaches or visit Mayan cultural sites. The famous Mexican Riviera along the Pacific hums with activity; you can choose from beach time, shopping, water sports, golf, and other activities. Popular stops include Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Acapulco.

The Mediterranean

Getting to and from a Mediterranean cruise requires some longer flights, but it’s worth the trip. With thousands of miles of shoreline, this sea is touched by some of Europe’s most historic and beautiful cities, including Barcelona, Marseilles, Rome (though it’s a little inland), Naples, Venice, Dubrovnik, and Athens. The climate and food are wonderful, and the port cities are packed with historic sites, museums, galleries, and famous buildings. This is also an excellent choice for island lovers; sail the Greek Isles or choose an itinerary that includes Capri, Corsica, or Mallorca.

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