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Monday, May 13, 2019

Cruising With a Special Diet

Cruise ships are well-known for offering delicious, plentiful food that you don’t have to shop for, prepare or clean up. What’s not as well-known is that the dining staff can accommodate all kinds of special or restricted diets – important at a time when an estimated 15 million Americans have food allergies or need food that’s free of fat, salt, nuts, meat, sugar, dairy, cholesterol, carbohydrates or gluten. Cruise lines are also accustomed to working with guests who need kosher, halal and vegan dining options.

Mealtime on a cruise ship used to be more of a challenge for passengers on medically restricted, religious or healthy lifestyle diets. But, that’s a thing of the past. Cruise lines today have expansive menu options and familiarity with different methods of cooking.

If you have special dietary needs, the key is to be diligent about communicating those needs. When you make your cruise reservation, let the cruise line know exactly what your dietary needs are (your professional travel advisor can help you with this). Many cruise lines have a special form for you to complete.

When you board the ship, make sure your dietary needs are on record. Ask to speak with the maître d’ or another member of the dining staff to review menu options and make sure your needs are understood (some cruise lines will automatically set up this meeting for you).

When you sit down for a meal, tell your server about your special dietary needs. And when your food arrives, don’t hesitate to ask your server about anything that doesn’t seem right. Your server and the chefs will do whatever is needed to give you delicious meals that stay within your dietary guidelines.

If you don’t have dietary restrictions but simply want to be able to make healthy dining choices while on your cruise, don’t worry. The lido deck is one place to look for a well-stocked buffet with fresh and healthy choices while main dining room menus virtually always feature healthy options, as well. Plus, you can always ask for a rich dish to be prepared in a different way. For example, with protein that’s broiled instead of sautéed, with less or no salt, and with sauces and dressings served on the side. Tasty!

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