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Monday, October 15, 2018

Top four reasons to take a December cruise

Winter is coming and the warmth of the sun is calling you from the Caribbean and the Southern Hemisphere. If you need more reasons than that to plan a December cruise, we’ve got them:

1. You need to use your vacation days.
 The end of 2018 is coming fast, which means it’s time to check your cache of vacation days. If you have some you need to use before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, consider a December cruise to take a real (and really fun) escape from the stresses of work and the routines of daily life.

2. Make winter shorter.
 December usually brings the beginning of true winter weather. If you live where the snow falls, the desire to avoid the start of the cold weather goes without saying. But even if you live in the southern U.S., December can bring chilly and/or rainy weather. Fortunately, December is warm and wonderful in the Caribbean and in the Southern Hemisphere, where December is the beginning of summer. Just imagine discovering South America, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand by cruise, and bringing home some unique holiday gifts.

3. Hurricane season ends in November.
 It has been an active hurricane season in the Atlantic and the Pacific, but things usually settle down by November, and November 30 is the official end of the season. In fact, December through April are the driest months in the Caribbean so you may not see any rain at all during your cruise.

4. Enjoy the calm before schools break for the holidays.
 Cruising in early or mid-December provides some great advantages. Ships tend to be not as full as they are during the peak summer months, the winter holidays or spring break. So, you may have an easier time finding a prime deck chair, a table in an alternative restaurant or a great seat at the evening show. There tend to be fewer children on board, too, which can make things quieter in general (especially around the buffets and pools). You’re also likely to encounter fewer visitors in the ports of call, making it easier for you to see and experience more.
For more information on cruising in December, contact Anita,  your professional travel advisor.

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