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Monday, January 8, 2018

The Top Five Things NOT to do on a Cruise

A cruise is an opportunity for to relax and play, join in deck parties, explore new places, indulge your foodie tendencies and dance the night away. But, while you can let your hair down, a cruise isn’t exactly an “anything goes” experience. Here are some important things to avoid doing on a cruise.

Don’t throw anything overboard. Not anything, no matter how small, and not even if you think no one can see you. Anything you toss overboard could land on another part of the ship, making it a dangerous practice. The worst thing to toss is a cigarette butt; the wind could blow it back onboard, causing a fire hazard. Tossing anything overboard is enough of a rules violation to have you dismissed from the ship.

Don’t skip the muster drill. This drill is mandatory for all passengers; it lets you practice what to do and where to go in the event of an emergency. The crew makes sure everyone attends, and the consequences for skipping the drill can be as serious as being dismissed from the ship.

Don’t let your kids run free. Sometimes, parents assume their kids can roam the ship on their own and come to no harm. However, kids can wander into crew areas, get lost, play with elevators or make more noise than the people around them appreciate. Know where your kids are and what they’re doing; and introduce them to the onboard kids’ club, where there will be fun (and supervised) activities.

Don’t lose track of time while on shore. If you’re on a cruise line-approved shore excursion, you’ll get back to the ship on time. But if you’re exploring on your own and enjoy yourself to the point that you’re not tracking the time, be aware that the ship will leave as scheduled – whether or not you’re on board. You don’t want to be left to figure out a way to catch up with the ship at the next port of call.

Don't forget to monitor your onboard account. A cruise provides lots of value for your vacation dollar; everything you need is included in your fare. But some “wants” are extra, and they can add up. Check your account regularly and rein in incidental purchases – such as bar drinks, shore excursions and spa treatments – as needed.

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