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Monday, October 16, 2017

Cruising to Bonaire

In the Southern Caribbean, the ABC Islands – part of the Netherlands – are unique and beautiful cruise destinations. This small line of islands doesn’t exactly follow its “ABC” nickname: from west to east, they are Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire. Aruba is the best-known, and Curacao is familiar to fans of the blue-colored, orange-flavored liquor produced there. But for many cruise passengers, Bonaire is an unknown waiting to be discovered.

You’ll come ashore in the Bonaire’s laid-back capital, Kralendijk, where the stucco buildings are painted in tropical pinks, oranges and greens. A stroll through town will reveal bargains on a wide variety of interesting gemstone jewelry and items made from wood, leather, silver and ceramics. There are always prints and paintings, painted fish and locally made dolls for sale.

If you have a chance to eat lunch on shore, you’ll find Creole-influenced dishes, along with Dutch staples like smoked meats and creamy cheeses. Cactus soup in a common, and tasty, local dish.

Surrounded by a protective reef, Bonaire is a paradise for snorkelers and divers, with more than 85 marked dive sites. The waters around the island form Bonaire National Marine Park, where sea turtles, seahorses and other sea life is protected. You can also go windsurfing, kayaking, bird watching, kite boarding, fishing, or ride on a glass-bottomed boat.

Bonaire has charming small beaches sprinkled among outcroppings of coral and rock along the shore. Pink Beach offers good snorkeling and scuba diving, and there’s windsurfing at Lac Bay Beach.

In addition to the protected marine life around the island, Bonaire has protected spaces for flamingoes and donkeys. It’s one of few places in the Caribbean where flamingoes nest. Visit these delicate pink birds at Goto Meer, a saltwater lagoon; or at a flamingo sanctuary located next to one of Bonaire’s solar salt farms. The 135-acre sanctuary has contributed to an increased flamingo population – from about 1,500 to 15,000 – during the past 25 years.

Donkeys were originally brought to Bonaire to work in the island’s salt trade, but as technology improved these gentle creatures were left to roam in the wild. The Donkey Sanctuary was established by an island couple to help donkeys who are injured, orphaned or otherwise in need. Visitors can pet and help feed the herd, which often includes some adorable babies.

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