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Monday, August 14, 2017

How to bypass lines on a cruise

Among the many appealing elements of a cruise vacation are ease and convenience: everything you need is right on board, where and when you need it.

Still, there might be a wait for some of the things you want to do, especially on larger ships that sail with thousands of passengers. For example, you might need to wait in line to get on or off the ship, at the buffet, or even for a lounge chair around the pool. (Note that trying to cut the line, for whatever reason, is terribly rude and won’t be tolerated by your fellow passengers.)

The good news is, there are some simple ways to avoid waiting in line on a cruise ship. Here are a few:
  • If you tend to sail on the same cruise line most of the time, join its loyalty program. Many cruise lines maintain separate, faster-moving lines for their most loyal customers at embarkation, debarkation and the guest services desk onboard. Plus, you’ll enjoy the other perks and special offers that come with being a loyal customer.
  •  Depending on the policies of the cruise line, booking a higher-category stateroom or suite may come with perks such as priority seating for dining and shows, or access to exclusive (and less-crowded) restaurants, lounges, sun decks or pools. 
  • Just as you plan to avoid “rush hour” at home, showing up a little early or late can work well on a cruise ship. For example, early risers will have their pick of deck chairs, as will those who venture out later in the day, when some sun-worshipers have returned to their staterooms for a nap. When leaving the ship for a day of shore excursions, showing up a little early or a little late can mean shorter or no lines.
  •  And, this may be the best way to avoid lines on a cruise ship: book a cruise on a mid-sized or smaller ship. Sailing with fewer passengers minimizes the potential for waiting lines. Smaller ships often have more square footage per passenger, too, creating a spacious and uncrowded vibe. You may also find that you enjoy the higher crew-to-passenger ratio on smaller ships, which enables a higher level of service.

Anita, your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert, can help you find cruise lines, ships and accommodations that offer these types of advantages.

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