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Monday, June 5, 2017

Visiting St. Kitts

Mountainous, beautiful St. Kitts (that’s actually a nickname – the island’s original name is St. Christopher) welcomes Caribbean cruise ships large and small, thanks to the modern facilities at Port Zante, just a five-minute walk from the island’s capital, Basseterre.

St. Kitts’ central spine of mountains – dormant volcanoes and all – is high and rugged, cloaked by dense rainforests. On the west side of the island are the broad fields that until recently were used to raise sugar cane. It’s only in the past 20 years that St. Kitt’s has become a popular destination for cruise ships and other tourism, so the island still has unspoiled Caribbean beauty and character.

Here are some of the things you can do on a day in St. Kitt’s: 

Basseterre is small, but worth touring. Visit the roundabout known as the Circus, a nod to London’s Picadilly Circus, and take a photo of the clock tower in the center (but watch for cars and roaming chickens). There are stately Georgian homes around Independence Square, which was once a slave market. St. George’s Cathedral has quite a history: it has repeatedly been repaired after fires, earthquakes and hurricanes. Basseterre has some interesting art galleries, too.

To explore the verdant rainforest and the mountains of St. Kitts, take an off-road four-wheel tour of the lush interior. The rainforest is full of exotic plants and animals; and, when you get high enough, you’ll have a breathtaking view from a mountain-top lookout. Then, spend the afternoon at Cockleshell Bay, enjoying expansive views across the water with a refreshing drink in your hand.

To visit St. Kitts’ sister island, Nevis, take a water taxi across the shallow channel called “The Narrows.” Nevis has some very fine historic inns and plantation homes that you can visit. Pinney Beach is a wonderful place to sip rum punch while sunbathing or swimming in the turquoise water.

If you’re sailing with children, they’ll be delighted by a ride on St. Kitts’ 18-mile historic rail line, originally built to transport sugar cane. Board the custom-made railcars, complete with onboard refreshments and music, to see all the beauty St. Kitts has to offer. Then, board a catamaran to sail along the scenic coast back to your ship.

To understand the variety of cruise lines and ships that sail to St. Kitts, talk with Anita, your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert.

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