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Monday, January 18, 2016

River Cruising is for Millennials, Too

If you’d like to take a cruise where the focus is on the sights and experiences waiting on shore, river cruising is a great choice. And, if you’ve stayed away from river cruising because you think it’s for age 55+ only, take another look.

It’s true that river cruises attracts mature cruise fans, for a variety of reasons. The ships are smaller and more intimate, with luxurious furnishings. Itineraries are often 14 days or more, and fares tend to be higher than ocean cruises of similar length. But, those characteristics certainly don’t exclude non-seniors: a luxurious, small-ship, inland cruise experience can be appreciated by people of any age!

Some aspects of river cruising can truly appeal to educated, globally aware, travel-loving millennials. River cruises take you away from tourist-oriented sea ports and into the interior for a close-up look at a region’s history, culture and daily life. On a river cruise, you can usually walk off the ship right into the heart of a city or town, and start exploring without delay.

Your days can be as active as you like, too. While you usually won’t find extreme adventures, like zip-lining or kayaking, there are sure to be lots of walking and hiking tours available. Many river cruise ships carry bikes for passenger use on shore, too. Plus, days without a port call are rare on river cruises; each day bring a new reason to get off the ship.

If you’ve checked river cruise prices in the past and have been discouraged, check again. River cruising is the fastest-growing segment of the cruise industry. The number of ships that cruise the rivers of the world increases each year, helping to keep fares in check. Plus, your river cruise fare may include more than you think. Beverages, internet access and even shore excursions are usually included in a river cruise fare.

So, where can you go on a river cruise? It’s a fantastic way to see Europe: there are cruises that sail through Russia, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, or Portugal. You can sail China’s Yangtze River, or see Southeast Asia via the Mekong. River cruise lines are beginning to offer adventures on India’s Ganges and the Peruvian portion of the Amazon, too.

To learn more about river cruises and find one that suits your millennial tastes and budget, talk with Anita, your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert.

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