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Monday, December 8, 2014

Cutting-Edge Fitness at Sea

Cruise vacations are all about breaking away from your normal routine to relax and indulge in new places, tastes and activities. That can include breaking the mold of your usual exercise routine and trying some new ways of staying fit and healthy.

Most sizable cruise ships have impressively equipped gyms; plus, your onboard workout can feature an ocean view! Following are some of the most intriguing fitness opportunities at sea.

Holland America Line’s Cardio Ki-Bo Circuit classes. These classes combine aerobic conditioning, kickboxing and other moves to help release chi, the Chinese term for essential life energy. If KI-Bo sounds a bit too intense, try an aquaerobics or yoga class.

Cunard Line’s Pilates Institute at Sea. Pilates is a form of yoga that focuses on improving strength and flexibility, and the Queen Mary 2 has staff from the famed Pilates Institute who present lectures and lead personal and group sessions. You can learn to use Pilates to release tension, improve your ease of movement, and even fix your golf swing.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Flywheel Sports studios. This line’s newest ships, including Breakaway and Getaway, feature onboard branches of Flywheel Sports, a hi-tech cycling studio. Each class is choreographed to heart-pumping music that will keep you motivated. The Getaway also has a Nexersys interactive fight training module for high-intensity training against an avatar.

Princess Cruises’ “Core.Balance.Strength. Fitness Program.” This program combines specialized classes, nutritional guidance and lifestyle counseling to cultivate a balanced lifestyle long after your cruise. Activities include yoga, Pilates and spinning classes, along with individualized training.

Celebrity Cruises Zumba Classes. Zumba fitness classes, with their upbeat rhythms and easy-to-follow choreography, have become very popular on land and at sea. Celebrity’s fitness centers offer an amazing variety of Zumba classes, from Aqua Zumba in the pool to Zumba Gold for active, older adults.

One of the best things about trying a new fitness techniques on a cruise is that the fitness centers are often integrated with very fine spas. So, after a workout, you can relax with a massage, some aquatherapy or aromatherapy, or treat yourself to a facial or manicure.

Finally, there’s nothing better than walking off an enjoyable evening meal with a leisurely stroll on deck, beneath the stars and listening to the waves.

For more ideas about ramping up your fitness while at sea, talk with Anita, your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert.

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