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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Graduation Gift to Remember

If your family will celebrate a high school or college graduation this year, you may be wondering what type of gift should mark such a great achievement. How about a cruise?

Before you pick a cruise, know that there’s one major difference in presenting a graduation cruise to a high-school graduate or a college graduate: most cruise lines require that passengers be at least 21 years old to travel without a chaperone. Some lines require that chaperones be at least 21; others require them to be at least 25. While you can probably send a college grad and off on a cruise alone or with a friend, someone older will probably need to accompany a high-school graduate. (Perhaps that someone could be you!)

To select a cruise that a new grad will enjoy, you may need to set your own preferences aside. While great dining opportunities or a well-appointed spa may be most important to you, the graduate may enjoy a ship that provides lots of opportunities to be active. Royal Caribbean is often a good choice for young adults, with its signature rock-climbing walls, skating rinks, surf simulators and scuba diving lessons.

Celebrity Cruises is another line with a lot of appeal for young adults. They can attend presentations on wine and proper food and wine pairings; lessons in salsa dancing and hip hop; language lessons; and hands-on classes in jewelry making, sketching and painting. On Celebrity ships that feature the Lawn Club, they can play classic lawn games, such as bocce or croquet, that they never imagined playing at sea.

You’ll also want to consider a choice of memorable destinations. If your graduate has enjoyed a spring break or two, the Caribbean or Mexico might not be tops on their list. Consider an adventurous destination like Alaska; or, a classic post-graduation destination like Europe.

If you’re saving for a high school graduate’s college tuition or to provide a new college graduate with a start in the world, you may be surprised by how affordable a cruise can be. For more information and ideas for gifting your grad with a celebration cruise, talk with Anita, your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert.

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