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Monday, February 4, 2013

All-Inclusive Vacations: is a Resort or a Cruise Right for You?

All-inclusive vacations are an attractive option for many people who want to spend their vacation dollars wisely. “All-inclusive” means the basic costs of the vacation – lodging, dining entertainment and local transportation – are included in one base price. Cruises are considered to be all-inclusive, as are the all-inclusive resorts that dot the globe. What are the similarities and differences?

Whether you choose a cruise or a resort, you can expect your accommodations, meals and snacks, nightly entertainment and use of the ship’s or resort’s facilities to be included in the base price. A cruise or a resort will also have separate charges for optional extras, which can include airfare, specific beverages, spa treatments and gratuities, as well as shore excursions on a cruise and some activities at a resort. One other important similarity: with both types of vacations, you only have to unpack once.

Many vacationers would be equally happy on a cruise or at resort, but there are some important differences. Resort guests experience the relaxation of having everything they need in a single location. Guests can spend each day on the beach or in their favorite lounge chair beside the pool. Those who want to be a bit more active can pick from a variety of water sports and other activities within or close to the resort.

A cruise takes guests to more than one destination and usually offers a wider selection of possible activities. Generally, a seven-day cruise stops at three to five ports of call and includes a day or two at sea, which gives passengers the chance to fully enjoy the amenities of the ship. Shore excursions often provide a huge range of activities – anything from nature hikes to winery tours to deep-sea fishing.

There are cruises and resorts to suit all types of travelers – singles, couples, groups and families. Both offer activities for everyone from small children to seniors, as well as delicious cuisine for all ages. And, both offer terrific service.

If you’re still not sure which type of all-inclusive vacation is right for you, the travel professionals at Cruise Holidays not only have expertise in cruising – they also have strong relationships with some of the most respected all-inclusive resort operators in the business. Let Anita, your personal travel expert, help you select the all-inclusive cruise or resort of your dreams.

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