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Monday, January 14, 2013

Special Packages for Wine and Beer Lovers

While most elements of a great cruise vacation are bundled into one base price – including comfortable accommodations, attentive service from the cabin crew, fabulous meals and snacks, nightly entertainment, deck games and more – beverages are usually not part of that base price, other than the basics such as juice, milk and coffee or tea.

For the convenience of passengers, many cruise lines offer fountain drink packages that guests can purchase when they come on board. For a set cost, these packages provide unlimited soft drinks, served with a smile.

Fountain drink packages are popular, especially with passengers who like to know their costs in advance. Now, to accommodate a wider range of beverage preferences, some cruise lines are beginning to offer packages for alcoholic drinks.

Carnival Cruise Lines’ CHEERS! Program is currently available on a limited number of ships, including the Victory, Splendor, Breeze and Dream, on cruises of six days or more. For $42.95 per day, plus a 15% gratuity, guests can order unlimited wines by the glass, beer and cocktails that are individually priced at $10 or less. They also receive 25% off bottles of wine and premium cocktails, as well as a 25% discount on bottled water.

Norwegian Cruise Lines has a selection of beverage packages for guests who are traveling as a group, provided that all group members are of legal drinking age. The Freestyler’s program provides unlimited house and call brand spirits, domestic beer, house wines and fountain drinks for $46 per group member, per day. The Freestyler’s Premium program provides premium versions of these beverages for $56 per guest, per day.

Royal Caribbean just introduced two new beverage packages for its guests: Classic and Premium. For $45 per guest, per day, the Classic package features beer, house wines by the glass, and non-alcoholic cocktails, fountain drinks and juices. The Premium package, $55 per day, adds frozen drinks and cocktails made with premium-brand spirits. These beverage packages are available on cruises of seven nights or longer.

Some cruise lines also allow passengers to bring a small amount of wine or spirits on board to enjoy in their staterooms or with a special dinner. Finally, one reason river cruising has gained popularity is because wine and beer is often included with lunch and dinner.

Ask your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert to check the carry-on policy, as well as any beverage package options, for the specific cruise lines you’re interested in.

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