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Thursday, February 3, 2011

All packed, ready to go -- but we can’t get there from here

On Friday, our friends sail away from San Juan on the Celebrity Millennium for a 10 day cruise of the Southern Caribbean. Unfortunately, we will not be aboard to enjoy the sail away. If fact, we will not be in our cabin to repack our bags on the last sea day. Due to bad weather, we missed our cruise!

What could go wrong? We planned to leave TWO days early, expecting to enjoy the beach at our hotel in San Juan before we left for the pier. There was no way that we expected ANY delay would cause us to miss this cruise. Well, we were wrong.

What happened? On Monday, prior to our Wednesday morning departure, we suffered a blizzard. Not sure if I have had that experience before, but once is enough. We had “thunder snow” along a sustained 50 MPH wind. Anyway, the airport closed on Monday evening and didn’t reopen until after noon on Wednesday. Since our 10:30AM flight was cancelled, the airline attempted to rebook us on a later flight. However, the best they could offer was a Friday morning flight. With a change of planes in Dallas and Miami, we would reach San Juan just in time to watch our ship sail away…

Our Denver based friends are enjoying the beach and looking forward to a pleasant cruise. Meanwhile, we are still shoveling snow.

Fortunately, we did have travel insurance. Now, we wait to see how the insurance company responds to the claim. Since we were within 48 hours of sailing, we forfeited 100% of the cruise fare. In all our travels, this will be our second insurance claim. The first was when Anita had a “shopping accident” in London. Bottom line: when you travel, buy travel insurance. “You never need it – until you need it!”

We copied this interesting article to our facebook page, ATtheTA>  It tells you of the impact of the storm to the nation's flight schedule: