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Monday, February 22, 2010

Security Tips for Travelers

[1] Scan important travel documents and store them in your e-mail account — This allows you to easily access your passport, passport photos, visa, airline tickets, itinerary, etc., securely via e-mail.

[2] Pack only one or two credit cards — Decide on one or two credit cards that are accepted worldwide and leave all other cards at home. Call the credit-card vendors and let them know which countries you will be going to and also the timeframe of your travel.

[3] Don’t pack your Social Security card or bank checkbook — A Social Security number (SSN)and address are the only information needed to steal an identity, and a stolen check is a gateway to a banking account. Leave behind any other cards or documents you may routinely carry that contain your SSN.

[4] Store valuables in the hotel safe — Valuables include your cash, credit cards and, especially, your passport. After all, what could be more valuable than your ability to return home?

[5] Avoid free wireless networks — Do not check your financial information, such as online banking activities, from street cafe computers or free wireless networks. There could be malicious software installed, and your account could be compromised.

[6] Safeguard documents not traveling with you — Leave the following documents in a safe deposit box or in a fireproof safe at home: Social Security card, birth certificate, copy of your passport, checkbook and deposit slips, bills and statements, medical cards, extra credit and ATM/debit cards and any other financial or identifiable documents.

Extract from article written by Monica Poing, published  in Travelagewest Magazine, dated 2/15/2010

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