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Monday, November 8, 2021

Accessing the Concierge Lounge

“Concierge” became a profession in the Middle Ages, when these trusted attendants worked to ensure the comfort of the French royal family. By the late 1800s, concierges were at work in the finest European hotels, helping guests with restaurant reservations, shopping recommendations, theater tickets, and much more. 


Today, many cruise ships sail with concierges who assist guests with onboard restaurant and spa reservations, shore excursion arrangements, and other requests. These highly trained crew members often work in a comfortable “concierge lounge.” However, these lounges – and the services of the concierge staff – are available only to certain passengers. How can you be one of them? 


It varies by cruise line, but concierge lounges are usually accessible to a cruise line’s most loyal repeat guests and to passengers in top-tier suites. So, it is worth it to show that type of loyalty to a cruise line, or to reserve a suite that comes with concierge lounge access? 


The answer depends on how much you value the services provided by the concierge staff, the amenities of the concierge lounge, and any additional perks that come with that level of access. These perks vary by cruise line, but may include anything from priority check-in to exclusive shore excursions, continental breakfasts and afternoon cocktails, private sun decks and restaurants, and even complimentary spa treatments. 


Concierge lounge amenities vary a bit by cruise line, but they all offer convenient, fun, and luxurious extras. Here are a few examples: 

·         Celebrity Cruises’ Retreat Lounge has complimentary gourmet bites and drinks all day, as well as a private restaurant, sundeck, pool and hot tub. 

·         Norwegian Cruise Line’s Haven Lounge is located in the “ship-within-a-ship” Haven complex. The lounge offers refreshments all day, access to the Haven restaurant, and a private courtyard with a pool, sauna and sun deck. 

·         The Concierge Club on Royal Caribbean ships features a self-service bar during happy hour, plus hors d’oeuvres and petit fours. There’s also a huge collection of CDs and DVDs to borrow. 

·         In addition to snacks and a private sun deck, Disney Cruises’ Concierge Lounge offers a major perk: a private meet-and-greet session with Disney characters. 

It’s important to note that some very high-end cruise lines don’t offer concierge lounges because all passengers receive a high level of personal service (essentially, the entire ship is a concierge lounge). 


To select a cruise line, ship, and/or suite that comes with access to concierge services and amenities, talk with Anita, your professional travel advisor. 


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