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Monday, November 1, 2021

When to Sail

A cruise is a wonderful way to vacation at any time, but some cruise destinations are available for only part of each year; and, some year-round destinations are at their best in certain seasons. Here’s a quick guide to where to sail when. 
Spring is a nice time to sail to Bermuda; the beaches are less crowded than in summer. And if you find the beaches just a bit chilly, there are golf courses, spas, shops and historical attractions. 
Spring is also a good time to cruise the Mediterranean before the crowds of summer arrive. Both are beautiful, but the Eastern Mediterranean tends to be a bit warmer than the Western Mediterranean in the spring. 
Summer brings Alaska’s brief cruise season, from May through September. Alaska’s cruise ports are busiest in June, July, and August, so look at May or September for lower prices. 
Summer is also the time to cruise Northern Europe; you can sail to the cities that ring the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, visit the fjords of Norway, and even cross the Arctic Circle. Or, choose to cruise one of Europe’s mighty rivers. 

Many cruise fans are surprised to hear that summer is the best time to cruise the South Pacific. May through October is the dry season there; it will still be warm and lush, but with less rain and humidity than the winter months. 
Cruises of New England and Maritime Canada sail from May through October, but September and October sailings include spectacular displays of color-changing leaves along the shore.  
As in the spring, the Mediterranean is lovely in the fall, with smaller crowds at attractions and cooler temperatures than in the summer months. 
Winter in the northern hemisphere is prime time for cruising many southern hemisphere destinations, including New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, and South America.  
If cruising Antarctica is on your travel wish list, winter is the only time to go: passenger cruises visit the White Continent from November to March. 
While the Caribbean is a year-round cruise destination, why not enjoy it as an escape from the chill of winter? There are lots of itineraries to choose from; ask your professional travel advisor about the many itineraries available in different regions of the Caribbean. 

 Finally, if you don’t mind a little seasonal chill, December is a beautiful time to cruise some European  rivers lined with festive Christmas markets.

To select a cruise for any season, talk with Anita, your professional travel advisor. 


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