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Monday, August 2, 2021

Selecting Your Cruise Ship Cabin

Selecting a cabin for your next cruise is a little like choosing a home: you should consider location, size and price. After all, your cabin will be your home while you’re on the ship. 


Let’s start with location, which can have a big effect on your cruise enjoyment. The first thing to know is that “inside” cabins are very nice, but they don’t have windows (although some ships use technology to create virtual windows). If you want natural light, choose an “outside” cabin; but, the size of your window may depend on the deck your cabin is on. On lower decks, there may be a porthole or small window, while mid-level decks and higher often have larger windows, or some sliding doors that open to balconies. 


The vertical location of your cabin is important: cabins on lower decks usually provide the smoothest ride, good if you don’t like to feel the motion of the ship. On higher decks, you’re more likely to feel a bit of sway, but you’ll be closer to swimming pools, dining spaces and other amenities.  


Consider horizontal location, too. If you want one of the widest views on the ship, look at outside cabins at the bow (front) or the aft (rear) of the ship. But, know that bow cabins tend to feel the most motion; and, aft balconies can lack privacy. Mid-ship cabins usually have good stability and are often close to elevators. 


On some ships, all cabins are about the same size; on others, they range from about 100 square feet to lofted, multi-bedroom suites. Balconies also vary in size, from small Juliet balconies to expansive outdoor spaces. If your budget allows, treat yourself to some extra square footage and a balcony you can sit and relax on. 


And that brings us to price: always an important consideration. When deciding which cabin options fit your budget, remember the other costs of your cruise vacation, which may include airfare, shore excursions, a spa treatment or two, and beverages onboard. Ask your professional travel advisor to let you know about any special offers that could help you reserve a great cabin while saving more of your budget for other things. 


And, remember that what seems to be a great deal on a cabin may mean it has a less-attractive feature, such as a little engine noise or a partially blocked view.  Anita, your travel advisor, can help you consider all the options and make the best choice for you. 


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