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Monday, July 26, 2021

Contact-Free Technologies for Your Next Cruise 

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic began, the cruise industry was working on new technologies to make cruising more convenient. For example, cruise line apps have made it easier for passengers to check the daily activity schedule, message each other onboard, pull up deck maps, make spa reservations, and more. But now that the whole world is more aware of the risks that come with a highly contagious virus, cruise line apps are valued for more than the convenience they deliver: they also make a cruise more contact-free. 

You can expect to see other contract-free technologies on future cruises, such as facial recognition technology. These systems scan faces to quickly recognize you as they get on or off the ship, eliminating the need for crew members to manually check your proof of identity. 

Several cruise lines now provide passengers with wristbands that store the information you need to manage many onboard tasks, from opening your stateroom door to purchasing items around the ship. These wristbands also help with contact tracing if someone on board does become ill; when the crew can quickly identify anyone who has been in contact with an infected person, they can take action to help. 

Every cruise begins with a muster drill, which prepares you to evacuate the ship safely in the unlikely event of an emergency. In traditional musters, passengers leave their staterooms and gather in groups near the ship’s lifeboats. Now, cruise lines are beginning to use technology that eliminates the need to gather at a muster station.

Instead, you’ll use your stateroom television or another device to read or listen to muster instructions. Then, you can individually report to your muster station, where crew members verify your completion of the drill. 

It’s reassuring to know there are always trained medical professionals on a cruise ship; now, telehealth technology means you may not even need to visit the sickbay to see them. Telehealth makes it possible to have a virtual exam without leaving the comfort of your stateroom. The medical staff may also be able to connect you with a specialist onshore, if needed. 

Other technologies that may not even be visible to you will help keep passengers healthy and safe. These include new ventilation and air cleaning technologies, as well as thermal scanning systems that check the temperatures of passengers and crew. 

Anita, your professional travel advisor, can help keep you up to date on new, contact-free technologies that will enhance your next cruise. 

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