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Monday, September 14, 2020

Sweet Extras for Suite Passengers

  While any cruise ship cabin offers comfort and convenience, sailing in a suite can really elevate your cruise experience. And, it’s about more than square footage. The “perks” (special extras) that come with a suite make a cruise more luxurious and may be more affordable than you think.


While you’ll pay more for a suite than a standard cabin, some things you might be used to paying extra for are often included with a suite. When you consider the extras, you may find a suite is a good match for your budget. Exactly what’s included depends on the cruise line and ship you choose, but here are some examples of the services suite passengers often receive as part of their fare.


Most beverages (except for still water, plain coffee or tea, and some juices) served on a cruise ship come with an extra charge – unless you’re staying in a suite. Beverages of all kinds are usually served to suite passengers at no additional charge. You can enjoy sparkling water, soft drinks, specialty coffees, beer, cocktails, and wine without worrying about any extra cost.


Suite passengers often have access to alternative dining venues at no additional cost. This means you can sample the ship’s finest specialty cuisine without paying a cover charge. In fact, some ships have specialty lounges and restaurants that are accessible only to passengers staying in suites.


Enjoyable extras like fitness evaluations and classes, certain spa treatments, baby-sitting, wine-tasting events, in-suite movies, laundry services, and Wi-Fi access may also be included in your suite fare.


When you stay in a suite, you’re likely to have the services of a concierge, or maybe even a butler – services that are simply unavailable to other passengers. A concierge can make spa and dining reservations for you, arrange onshore excursions and handle any billing concerns. A butler will do those things as well as unpack your bags, deliver meals and snacks to your suite’s dining table, pick up and deliver laundry, or organize a special party (should you care to host one).


There’s one more suite advantage that doesn’t have a definable cost – but it’s nice. Most cruise lines escort suite passengers through a briefer embarkation and debarkation process, with little or no waiting in line. You’ll also be among the first to step off and back on the ship when you visit a port.


Ask Anita, your professional travel advisor, to suggest a cruise line or ship with a suite – and sweet perks – to enjoy on your next cruise.


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