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Monday, February 12, 2018

Insuring Your Cruise

Insuring Your Cruise

When you’re looking forward to a cruise, you don’t want to think about anything going wrong. But there are some events, which neither you or the cruise line can control, that could disrupt your vacation: extreme weather, airline delays, illness, lost luggage, etc. The good news is that you can easily protect yourself by purchasing travel insurance.

And, insurance is important for any cruise – not just the extravagantly expensive ones. It’s available for cruises of all types and all lengths. It’s not as expensive as you may think, either: the cost will be a small percentage of the cost of the cruise.

Depending on the coverage you purchase, travel insurance can provide reimbursement for:

·         An illness that forces you to cancel your trip.

Medical treatment while on the cruise: your usual health insurance provider may not cover care needed while you are out of the country, or may cover only part of the cost.

Loss of or delay in receiving your baggage.

Identity theft protection if any of the personal documents you’re required to bring, including your passport, go missing.

Emergency medical evacuation from the ship: fortunately, this is a rare occurrence, but the cost can be significant if you’re not covered

A missed flight or flight delay that causes you to miss your ship.

Job loss that leads you or a companion to cancel your trip for financial reasons.

 Cancellation of a cruise due to bad weather, acts of war or terrorist violence (another rare occurrence, but it’s good to be covered).

Some insurance providers provide optional coverage that goes a step farther: for example, you can buy coverage the allows you to cancel for any reason, including simply changing your mind. Add-ons do raise the cost of the insurance, so be sure they make sense for you.

What can’t be covered? It would be nice, but there’s no way to insure good weather for your cruise, or that your itinerary won’t change a little. It’s disappointing to skip a port that you looked forward to seeing, but when the captain decides to skip a port or visit an alternate, it’s most often to avoid rough weather and to keep you and your companions safe.

Before buying insurance directly from your cruise line, make a comparison with products from third-party insurers like Allianz, Travel Guard by AIG, Chubb Travel Protection and Travel Insured International. Third-party insurance can be more inclusive than the policies offered by the cruise lines. Anita, Your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert, can help you review all of your choices.

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