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Monday, November 14, 2016

Special Fun for Kids on Board

Some luxury and adventure cruise lines are simply for adults, and unapologetically so. They don’t necessarily ban children: they just make it clear that their onboard experience is designed for adults.

But, some cruise lines make a special effort to attract families with children, offering programs that are specifically designed to delight toddlers, kids and teens. For example, Celebrity Cruises has Toddler Time for children under three; the Fun Factory for age three to 11; and the X Club for teens.

Cruise line activities for kids often manage to mix a little education with the fun. On Celebrity ships, teens can learn to create their own videos using high-definition, wide-angle video cameras. The top videos receive prizes at the X Club Film Festival. All kids three and older can have fun with the Xbox gameplay stations and mobile consoles located around the ship. And, if a member of your family lives with autism, take note: Celebrity Cruises has earned an Autism Friendly Certification, offering sensory-friendly films, toys and menu options.

Princess Cruises’ ships offer Discovery at Sea, an exclusive partnership with Discovery Communications and the California Science Center, which delivers interactive activities for kids age three to 12. Activities vary from one sailing to another, but they include things like whale watching, roller coaster building and fun chemistry experiments. Princess also thinks about parents: you can enjoy a “night out” on board while the kids have a dinner and movie date with their new friends.

On Royal Caribbean ships, every member of the Adventure Ocean youth program staff has a four-year degree in education, recreation or a similar field, plus extensive experience working with children. Royal Caribbean has some especially nice features for teens. In addition to teen-only spaces and activities, the spas offer just-for-teens services like Acne Attack facials and Beach Babe deep-conditioning hair treatments. Royal Caribbean has a partnership with DreamWorks, and kids of all ages love finding favorite characters like Shrek and King Fu Panda strolling the decks.

There’s much more to all the children’s programs mentioned above, and several other cruise lines offer excellent programs for young passengers, too. Let Anita, your Cruise Holidays personal cruise expert, help you sort through the options and select a cruise line and ship that will be awesomely fun for everyone in the family.

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