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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Part 8 - Star Princess around Cape Horn

Our day in Costa Rica was spent driving up 4,000 feet to a coffee plantation, seeing a very  beautiful country side along the way.  Had a great tour guide who spoke very clear English.  At the plantation we were walked through the whole process of coffee, from growing the bean to  a cup of coffee.  This coffee plantation is a co-op of farmers who work together to make a living for their families.

Yesterday we arrived in the port city of San Juan del Sur,Nicaragua and this was a tender port.  What a great ride into port by a tender boat,  Bill thought we should go up on top only room for about 15 people and we were so wind blown and salt sprayed by the time we landed in port.  so I put a hat on for the rest of the day.  We drove inland about 1 1/2 hours to the 5th largest city in Nicaragua,  Granada.  We drove by and saw the large Lake Nicaragua, which is huge, and has waves, like in the sea.  Nicaragua has many volcanoes and in the distance we saw two of them.  Granada is a city founded in 1524 and has many ornate Spanish churches and colonial houses.  This is one of the poorest countries and it was hard to say "No thank you" to all the people trying to get you to buy their wears, especially the little kids.

Well our trip is coming to the end, today and tomorrow being sea day, so we are really going to be lazy and enjoy the sun.  We are on our way to Mexico for two stops and then the final 2 days being sea days.

You may hear from us  if we can get on the computer, ship has been having major signal problems, maybe as we get closer to the USA it will get stronger???