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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Part 6 - Star Princess around Cape Horn

Sunday, March 4th we arrived in Coquimbo, Chile where we took a drive around the towns of Coquimbo and  LaSerena.  We saw many beaches in both of these cities.  In LaSerena we visited a museum of Archeological artifacts.  Our tour guide was very interesting and full of information about what we were seeing in the museum.  LaSerena had a 5.6 earthquake the day before we were there, but Chile has many of these, some bigger than others.  We then went to a craft market with time to do some shopping.  This was our last stop in Chile, so our last chance to buy anything from this area.

We came back to the ship, had lunch then did some sun bathing and watched a Spanish movie with sub titles, outdoors.  Good movie!   After dinner we went  to another movie, the Descendant's with George Clooney, like this also.  Fun day.............

Our first of 2 sea days was spent going to two interesting lectures this morning then enjoyed the sun, for part of the afternoon..  We are getting closer to the equator so closer to the sun, so we need to be very smart about how much time we spend in the sun, even with sun screen.  I did a load of laundry---just like home!  tonight is a formal night so these meals are just a little more special.  I don't think I have told you how much we love our dinner servers.  Always a fun time.  So tomorrow a sea day then we arrive in Callao which is the port for the city of Lima, Peru.