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Monday, July 8, 2024

Where to Go on an Expedition Cruise

Cruise ships visit enduringly popular ports of call, with time to enjoy fabulous onboard amenities while you sail between ports. But if you have an adventurous side, a different type of cruise may have just as much appeal.

Expedition cruises sail to remote and beautiful places around the globe, including some that are difficult to visit any other way. Some are well-known “bucket list” destinations, like Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands; others, like Tristan da Cunha and Zamami, may not be as familiar to you (at least, not yet).

Tristan da Cunha, a British territory, is a small group of extremely remote, mountainous islands in the South Atlantic. The islands have no airstrip or hotel, so it’s only possible to visit by ship. In addition to natural beauty, Tristan da Cunha has amazing biodiversity and is a haven for sea birds; it’s the world’s only known breeding site for two types of petrels.

The Bissagos Islands are only 30 miles from the coast of West Africa’s Guinea-Bissau, but the islands' people have preserved their own unique customs and traditions. On these unspoiled islands, you can explore wide beaches and mangrove forests, see remnants of colonial architecture, and meet a colony of saltwater hippopotamuses.

In the North Atlantic, midway between Scotland and Iceland, the Faroe Islands are a Danish territory with Viking heritage. Sunny days are rare on these windy islands, but the alpine wildflowers and puffin birds will charm you. Active pursuits include hiking to secluded waterfalls, biking, birdwatching, fishing and even surfing.

The archipelago of Japan includes more than 14,000 islands that stretch from subarctic to subtropical zones. Zamami, a subtropical island about 40 miles from Okinawa, is occupied by lush vegetation (and a few people). Narrow strips of white sand edge a series of bays with strikingly blue water. You can snorkel along coral reefs or hike up Mount Takatsuki to an observation deck with memorable views.

There are many more adventurous places to visit via expedition cruise; ask your professional travel advisor for additional recommendations. But remember that expedition cruise ships are small (it's better to visit remote places with few facilities). While they are very comfortable and even luxurious, they don’t have all the entertainment, dining options, or other features found on larger cruise ships. On an expedition cruise, the focus isn’t on the ship – it’s on the remote spots you’ll visit.

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