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I am proud to be certified by CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) as an Elite Cruise Counselor. The Cruise Counselor Certification Program is CLIA's most comprehensive training which requires agents to successfully complete a number of compulsory training courses and exams, attend cruise conferences, and conduct ship inspections. Anita Thompson, Attheta Travel, dba Cruise Holidays.

Monday, December 25, 2023

Why Cruising May Be for You

Lots of people love to cruise; more than 31 million people around the world are cruising during 2023. But if you haven’t cruised yet, you may wonder if it’s the right vacation for you. Here are three big reasons why the answer may be an enthusiastic “yes!”

First, there’s a cruise for just about any budget. Cruises of two or three days are available for very budget-friendly fares. And while longer cruises cost more, even “world cruises” that take a few leisurely months to circle the globe provide great value. Remember that lots of great dining and entertainment, as well as your accommodations and transportation between ports, are included in the base cruise fare.

While the length of a cruise is a major factor in the cost, cruise fares also reflect the level of luxury on board, the time of year, and the ports of call. A professional travel advisor with expertise in cruising can help you determine what cruise lines, ships, and itineraries best fit your budget and expectations.

Second, cruise ships are so full of activities that everyone can find something to do. Most ocean-going ships have some combination of swimming pools, whirlpools, sports courts, fitness centers, spas, theaters, art galleries, restaurants, libraries, cocktail lounges, and more. Some larger ships have utterly amazing features like water parks, gardens, and go-kart tracks.

Many ships offer supervised activities just for kids, and adults can join in the fun of tournaments, dance lessons, cooking demonstrations, and more. But if your vacation goal is to simply disconnect and relax, you’ll be able to find a quiet corner for that, too.

What we’ve discussed so far can also be said about many land-based resorts, but here’s a third big reason to cruise – you can visit multiple destinations without having to unpack, repack, and find your way from one place to another. Just get on board, settle into your stateroom, and let the captain do the work for you from one beautiful port to the next. The ship will often be on the move while you’re sleeping, so you can wake up ready to explore a new place.

If you’d like to know more about cruising – including the incredible array of cruise ships, destinations, and itineraries available to you – talk with Anita, a professional travel advisor. They can guide you into the world of cruising and help you choose a first cruise that’s likely to lead to many more.

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