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Monday, November 6, 2023

Going Cruising? Make a Preparation Checklist

When you’re looking forward to a cruise, vacation anticipation can make it easy to forget some important things you should do before you leave home. Here are some items for your cruise preparation checklist; completing them will help you enjoy your voyage to the fullest.

Check in online. You may be able to check-in for your cruise as early as 90 days before you sail. Visit your cruise line’s website to complete the check-in process. You may need to enter your passport information; you can also provide credit card details to make it easy to purchase items on board. When you check-in, you may also be able to make reservations for shore excursions, spa treatments, and specialty restaurants.

Download the cruise line’s app. This is a convenient way to access cruise information on your mobile device. You may be able to use the app to check in or to complete a virtual muster drill (a required safety drill). Once on board, you can use the app to view daily schedules and more.

Arrange for the care and security of your home. This may include pet and plant care. If you have a home alarm service, let them know when you’ll be away. Let your credit card provider know, too, to help avoid any payment denials when you want to make purchases while cruising. And just before you leave, give away any perishable food that’s in your kitchen.

Make a packing list. Try on all the clothes on your list to make sure they fit well, especially if you haven’t worn them recently. Be sure to include prescription medications and must-have toiletries on your packing list.

Check that you have all necessary documentation. Ask your professional travel advisor if you need to take your passport or birth certificate with you – different cruise lines and destinations have different requirements. You should also bring along the luggage tags and boarding passes provided by the cruise line (they may be mailed to you, or you may need to print them from an email).

Plan your transfers. If ground transfers aren’t included in your cruise package, think about how you’ll get to your flights, to your pre-cruise hotel (if you’ll arrive the day before embarkation), and to the ship itself. Taxis and rideshare services may be readily available, but some advance planning can help avoid last-minute panic.

For more cruise preparation tips, talk with Anita, your professional travel advisor.

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