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Monday, August 21, 2023

Great Onboard Workouts

Most cruise ships have fitness centers where you can maintain your regular workout; many have such an excellent range of equipment and classes that you might discover a new favorite way to stay in shape. Here are a few onboard workout opportunities that may “wow” you.

Zumba classes on Celebrity Cruises use upbeat rhythms and simple choreography to deliver a total body workout. If you haven’t done Zumba before, attend the scheduled Zumba Fitness Party to learn some basic steps. Some Celebrity ships also offer Aqua Zumba for a water-supported workout in the ship’s pool, Zumbatomic classes for kids, or Zumba Gold classes for older adults.

If you like punching bag workouts, Norwegian Cruise Line’s Fight Klub incorporates punching bag work with sets of kicks for an energizing cardio session. Virgin Voyages ships have punching bags too, as well as actual boxing rings where you can spar.

Virgin offers bungee fitness classes, too. The stretchy bungee cords attached to the ceiling defy gravity, so you’ll need to engage a variety of muscle groups just to touch the floor.

Cruise ships also offer plenty of fun activities outside the walls of their fitness centers. For example, if you love water sports, check out the water sports platforms on the ships of luxury lines like Windstar and Seabourn. These onboard marinas are your launching point for paddleboarding, kayaking, wakeboarding, and more.

Several Royal Caribbean ships are equipped with a surfing simulator called the FlowRider. If you haven’t tried surfing before, you may be surprised by how much strength and balance it requires. Sign up for a group lesson to be sure you get the most from your FlowRider experience, which will be a workout for your core, legs, and upper body.

Lots of ships feature a spacious sport court on an upper deck, usually equipped with facilities for basketball, volleyball, soccer, and more. Most ships also have a track or promenade where you can stroll, jog or run as much as you like. Larger ships, like those from Disney Cruise Line, have tracks that are four-tenths of a mile or longer, meaning you can complete a 5k run in less than eight laps.

Some of these and other onboard fitness activities will be included in your cruise fare, but some may carry an extra fee. For details about all of the fitness options available on your next cruise, talk with Anita,  your professional travel advisor.

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