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Monday, April 24, 2023

Business Meetings at Sea

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a temporary halt to many in-person business meetings and company gatherings, but these are becoming common once again. If your employer is planning a meeting of colleagues (and maybe clients, too), suggest an incredible venue for the event: a cruise ship.

There are lots of advantages to holding business meetings at sea. A big one is that the meeting can take place at any time of year; there are always ships sailing in warm and beautiful places.

Cruise ships can accommodate meetings of many types. Lots of ships have meeting space that can flex to suit groups of various sizes, from intimate conference rooms to theaters with a thousand seats or more. These spaces, both indoor and outdoor, often have sophisticated audiovisual capabilities.

A high level of customer service is standard on cruise ships. Your meeting attendees will enjoy having their cabins cleaned and refreshed daily by crew members who are trained to ensure passengers are comfortable. The common spaces on a cruise ship are also kept sparkling clean, and many ships recently updated their cleaning technologies and ventilation systems to help keep everyone on board healthy and safe.

Cruises are famous for plentiful and delicious food, and the culinary staff is accustomed to accommodating special requests. You can arrange group breakfasts, lunches and dinners, or let your attendees choose from the dining options on board. And, colleagues who need some quiet time can always relax in their cabins with room service and an in-room movie.

When the business of the day is done, cruise ships offer a terrific array of entertainment options. There are pools and whirlpools, fitness centers and sports decks, lounges with live music and dancing, and shows that rival those you can see on Broadway. The cruise line staff can also work with you to arrange exclusive performances, product displays, shore excursions, and other activities just for your group.

When you hold a business meeting on a cruise ship, you may be able to arrange some special touches. These can range from customized cabin and meeting room d├ęcor to customized menus and beverages, small gifts to be placed in attendees’ cabins, and much more. It’s even possible to charter an entire ship so that your colleagues and clients will be the only passengers on board.

To further explore the world of business meetings at sea, start by talking with Anita, your professional travel advisor.

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