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Monday, February 27, 2023

Tips for Flying to Your Cruise Ship

 If you’re ready to cruise in 2023 and have your eye on a fantastic itinerary, how will you get to the ship? 

 Unless you live within easy driving distance of the cruise port, chances are you’ll take a flight to meet your ship and get back home after your wonderful cruise. Did you know that the cruise line can make your air travel reservations for you? 


In fact, you can receive some excellent benefits when you let the cruise line book your flights. The biggest may be that when the cruise line books your flights, they’ll help you rebook any flights delayed by weather or mechanical issues. And if an air travel delay means you’ll miss your ship’s departure, the cruise line will help you catch up with the ship in the next port of call. 


Many cruise-plus-air packages provide significant savings, as well. But be sure to work with your professional travel advisor to make sure that a cruise-plus-air package is a good financial decision for you. 


The cruise line may let you pay for your airfare over time (along with your cruise), which is another advantage. Many cruise lines require just a small deposit at the time of booking, with final payment due about 90 days before the cruise begins. Several cruise lines offer monthly payment programs, so you can spread out payments for your cruise and airfare instead of coming up with full payment right away. 


What you might give up when you select a cruise-plus-air deal is some flexibility in your air travel arrangements. Cruise-plus-air packages may have limited flight options, or you may be required to accept the flights the cruise line selects for you. Some cruise-plus-air packages provide greater flexibility in the air travel portion for a higher price. 


Be aware that some high-end cruise lines include air travel to and from the ship in the price of their cruises. When you book this type of cruise, having flight arrangements made for you is part of the luxury. 


Finally, if you don’t like to fly, there are other ways to get to a cruise ship. These include driving your own car, riding a bus, or hopping on a train: Amtrak offers passenger rail service to quite a few cities with major cruise ports, such as New York, Miami, New Orleans, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Ask Anita, your professional travel advisor,r for more information. 

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