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Monday, January 2, 2023

Great Cruise Ship Bars

On a cruise ship, as on land, a bar is so much more than a place to enjoy a beverage. It’s a welcoming spot where you can relax, socialize or simply enjoy the vibe. Cruise lines put a lot of thought into their onboard bars, and many of them deliver memorable experiences – not to mention delicious drinks – in fun surroundings. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites.

Fans of Star Wars will know that the Force is with them in the Hyperspace Lounge on Disney Cruise Line’s new Disney Wish. Outside the “windows,” a variety of transports – from TIE fighters to the legendary Millennium Falcon – pass by, with frequent jumps to hyperspace. The cocktails are inspired by storied planets from across the Star Wars galaxy.

Some Norwegian Cruise Line ships feature the Skyy Vodka Ice Bar, where just about everything – including the bar, seating, and glassware – is made of ice. Even on a tropical itinerary, the temperature in the Ice Bar is a brisk 17 degrees, but don’t worry – you can borrow a parka to wear while you sip a cocktail.

If you enjoy a traditional British pub, you’ll love the Golden Lion on Cunard Line’s ships. Enjoy a signature Cunard ale or a Pimm’s Cup as you relax on the leather banquettes or play a game of darts. You can tuck into some traditional pub fare, too, like fish and chips or a plowman’s lunch.

In the Bionic Bar on some Royal Caribbean ships, the bartenders are robots who have no conversation, but never tire of mixing drinks. Guests use smart pads to place orders, choose from the menu or select specific ingredients for a custom drink. The robots reach up to select the right ingredients, which hang from the ceiling and mix perfect cocktails.

In Martini Bar & Crush on Celebrity Cruises ships, the bartenders are human and just as skilled at tossing and juggling bottles in the air as they are at making martinis and other drinks. Watch them perform while you enjoy a selection of caviar from the ice-topped bar.

There are many more terrific bars at sea, including Princess Cruises’ Good Spirits at Sea, Holland America Line’s Tamarind Bar, and Azamara’s new Atlas Bar. Some of them are so popular that they require reservations, so ask Anita, your professional travel advisor, about the best way to experience a great onboard bar on your next cruise.


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